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Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React

groupon/params_deserializers 10

Deserializers for Rails params

BackstageJS/backstage-server 2

The server component to the suite of Backstage tools

groupon/tiquette 2

Have some etiquette. Format your commit messages with a ticket or issue number.

BackstageJS/backstage 1

Documentation for Backstage server and CLI

BackstageJS/backstage-example 1

An example instance of backstage-server

issue commentAgoraIO-Community/AgoraWebSDK-NG

"export 'default' (imported as 'AgoraRTC') was not found in 'agora-rtc-sdk-ng'

I'm having the exact same issue. When I have this code at the top of one of my JS files:

import AgoraRTC from "agora-rtc-sdk-ng";

...I get the same error as the original poster. Any ideas?


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push eventjessepinho/greenhouse-api-docs

Jesse Pinho

commit sha fbd2e00ac330357f79ecbfafcb93d6ef3d3faf72

Fix websites property in docs

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issue commentreduxjs/redux-toolkit

Suggestion: add syntax or examples for nested slices

I made a combineSlices helper function to make it easy to adapt @agrinko's suggestion to any use case (note that it requires that you install reduce-reducers):

import { combineReducers } from "@reduxjs/toolkit";
import reduceReducers from "reduce-reducers";

 * Combines a slice with any number of child slices.
 * This solution is inspired by [this GitHub
 * comment](
 * @param sliceReducer - The reducer of the parent slice. For example, if your
 * slice is called `mySlice`, you should pass in `mySlice.reducer`.
 * @param {object} sliceInitialState - The initial state object passed to
 * `createSlice`. This is needed so that we know what keys are in the initial
 * state.
 * @param {object} childSliceReducers - An object of child slice reducers, keyed
 * by the name you want them to have in the Redux state namespace. For example,
 * if you've imported child slices called `mySlice2` and `mySlice3`, you should
 * pass in this argument as `{ mySlice2: mySlice2.reducer, mySlice3:
 * myslice3.reducer }`.
const combineSlices = (sliceReducer, sliceInitialState, childSliceReducers) => {
  const noopReducersFromInitialState = Object.keys(sliceInitialState).reduce(
    (prev, curr) => {
      return {
        [curr]: (s = null) => s,

  const childReducers = combineReducers({

  return reduceReducers(sliceReducer, childReducers);

export default combineSlices;

Note that you need to pass it the initial state from the parent slice so that it knows what keys to make dummy no-op reducers for. Thus, here's an example of how it could be used:

import mySlice2 from "./mySlice2"
import mySlice3 from "./mySlice3"
import combineSlices from "./combineSlices"

const initialState = {
  count: 0,

const mySlice = createSlice({
  name: "mySlice",
  reducers: {
    setCount(state, action) {
      state.count = action.payload

export default combineSlices(mySlice.reducer, initialState, {
  mySlice2: mySlice2.reducer,
  mySlice3: mySlice3.reducer,

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push eventSocialMosaic/SocialMosaic

Jesse Pinho

commit sha 34faa2c901b14800e372bd5848c834b79dacfaed


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push eventjessepinho/phone-menus

Jesse Pinho

commit sha 8401bf961f52b1f8b9874bc8f95eeb42749f9927

Redesign to use a single card for entire interaction

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push eventjessepinho/ember-cli-jquery-coverflow

Jesse Pinho

commit sha 8419f5403edd81d007b3b593636e42db1699928e


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