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Jen Saxena jensaxena @heliosdesign Toronto, Canada Art | Design | Development

heliosdesign/helios-audio-mixer 54

Web Audio API mixer library

alexwittholz/tufamound 0

Potree point cloud of Rabbit Kettle

jensaxena/beat-box-hero 0

Based on Wes Bos' #JavaScript30 - JavaScript Drum Kit, rewritten in jQuery with xtra hype

jensaxena/cyber-space-synth 0

v.1.1 - surfing on sine waves

jensaxena/death-oracle 0

A simple random death generator

jensaxena/get-help 0

Enter a one-word search term, get some advice. Results not guaranteed

jensaxena/jump-scare 0

A card-matching memory game with a t̶w̶i̶s̶t̶ jump