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jeis2497052/ads-txt 0

Ads.txt Manager for WordPress: Manage your ads.txt file in the WordPress dashboard

jeis2497052/android-calendarview 0

Standalone Android widget for picking a single date or range from a calendar view.

jeis2497052/ansible-deploy 0

Ansible in a docker container.

jeis2497052/ansible-jenkins 0

Ansible role to install and fully configure Jenkins CI in Docker

jeis2497052/ansible-runner 0

A tool and python library that helps when interfacing with Ansible directly or as part of another system whether that be through a container image interface, as a standalone tool, or as a Python module that can be imported. The goal is to provide a stable and consistent interface abstraction to Ansible.

jeis2497052/applause 0

Cross platform mobile development toolkit consisting of a DSL for defining mobile apps and code generators for creating native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Google App Engine. Based on Eclipse and Xtext. the official repo is at applause/applause.

jeis2497052/auth0-java 0

Java client library for the Auth0 platform

jeis2497052/awesome-kotlin 0

A curated list of awesome Kotlin related stuff Inspired by awesome-java.

fork roadsideseb/youtube-dl

Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites

fork in 7 hours

fork lamw/sdk-powershell

PowerShell 7.0 SDK for CloudEvents

fork in 5 days


started time in 6 days


started time in 7 days


started time in 7 days


started time in 7 days

fork purcell/sorri

Just Add Water direnv support for the nix-shell

fork in 8 days

created repositorypurcell/ocp-indent-el

Reformat OCaml within Emacs using ocp-indent

created time in 9 days

created repositorypurcell/dune-format-el

Reformat dune files from within Emacs

created time in 9 days

fork lamw/eventing

Open source specification and implementation of Knative event binding and delivery

fork in 11 days


started time in 14 days


started time in 14 days

created repositorypurcell/dot-hammerspoon

My hammerspoon configuration

created time in 14 days

created repositorygjtorikian/pingdom-sinatra-demo

created time in 15 days


fork purcell/rails-routes

Rails Routes is a emacs package to search and insert routes into your code

fork in 16 days

created repositorypurcell/flymake-flycheck

Use any Emacs flycheck checker as a flymake backend

created time in 16 days


started time in 19 days


started time in 20 days


started time in 20 days

fork client9/galbreath

galbreath geneaology

fork in 22 days


started time in 23 days


started time in 23 days


started time in 23 days

created repositoryswccgpc/README

created time in 25 days

fork lamw/vsphere-alarm-server

Kubernetes application which enriches vSphere Alarm Events with AlarmInfo details

fork in 25 days

fork gittup/love

LÖVE is an awesome 2D game framework for Lua.

fork in a month

created repositoryiliaskarim/ErrorFactory

created time in a month