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jawn/aggregator-cli 0

A prototypal version of VSTS/TFS Aggregator

jawn/android-SpeedTracker 0

Demonstrates using built-in GPS hardware on Wear to record location and speed.

jawn/Anotar 0

Simplifies logging through a static class and some IL manipulation.

jawn/api-guidelines 0

Microsoft REST API Guidelines

jawn/app-config-app 0

App Config app - you should never let me name anything

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jawn/ApplicationInsights-Home 0

Application Insights main repository for documentation of overall SDK offerings for all platforms.


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issue openedMicrosoftDocs/azure-devops-docs

Clarify recommended filename for README

The page should clarify that the conventional or recommended readme filename is (casing matters)

This is also the default used when creating a new git repo in Azure DevOps.

Document Details

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issue commentredhat-developer/vscode-xml

'No definition found' when using 'Go to Definition' for types defined in imported XSD

@jawn you can install last vesrion of vscode-xml by downloading vsix;O=D and give us feedback. Thanks

Verified as fixed using version vscode-xml-0.18.3-472.vsix


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issue openedredhat-developer/vscode-xml

'No definition found' when using 'Go to Definition' for types defined in imported XSD


Go to definition works to navigate to a complex type defined in the same XSD. However, this fails when the complex type is defined in an imported file, giving error message 'No definition found for ...'

Steps to reproduce

  1. Unzip repro files to local folder, that is a trusted workspace
  2. Open Parent.xsd in VS Code
  3. Apply go to definition on line 11, 'SomeGenericType'.

Actual result:


Expected result

The type definition is selected in the Child.xsd file.

Repro files containing Parent.xsd and Child.xsd

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delete branch jawn/stochastic

delete branch : patch-1

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PR opened RadostW/stochastic

Fix spelling

Fix spelling

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Bernard Vander Beken

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Fix spelling Fix spelling

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fork jawn/stochastic

Pychastic is a stochastic differential equations integrator written entirely in python.

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