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Jasper jaspercb @facebook University of Waterloo Waterloo software engineering grad. Former intern at @google, @Asana, @sideeffects.

TerribleHack/terriblehack 17

A website for the UW TerribleHack hackathon

jaspercb/engine3d 3

SFML-based 3D engine using quaternions for rotation.

magmastonealex/WatAreMyClasses 3

Campus Navigation App for UW

havess/GardenCraft 2

3D Voxel flower grower built on Three.js

jaspercb/MeshedPotatoes 2

sends pictures of mashed potatoes by toggling flashlight mode

jaspercb/canvas-quaternion-3d 1

javascript + HTML canvas port of quaternion-based 3D engine