cvxr/TFOCS 107

A MATLAB toolbox for building first-order solvers for convex models.

jamesfolberth/adjoints_in_gradients_dev 3

Adjoints of operators arising in a couple interesting optimization problems

jamesfolberth/jupyterhub_AWS_deployment 2

AWS deployment of Jupyterhub for Northrop Grumman's STEM Camp - Data Science Track

jamesfolberth/d2l-scraper 1

A web scraper to build .csv file of names in a D2L dropbox

jamesfolberth/ieee_adjoints 1

Supporting materials for "Efficient Adjoint Computation for Wavelet and Convolution Operators"

jamesfolberth/nbody_si_fort 1

Estimation of largest Lyapunov exponent of Pluto

jamesfolberth/safe_nnls 1

Example code for Safe Feature Elimination for Non-Negativity Constrained Convex Optimization

jamesfolberth/stem-camp-deploy 1

Deployment of Jupyterhub on AWS for STEM Camp

cu-applied-math/stem-camp-notebooks 0

Notebooks for STEM Camp

jamesfolberth/accelerated_em 0

Experiments with GMMs


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started time in 2 months