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jakob-o/aldryn-search 0

Haystack 2.0 search index for django CMS

jakob-o/angular-debounce 0

Tiny debouncing function for Angular.JS.

jakob-o/craft-sitemap 0

Craft plugin to generate a sitemap.

jakob-o/django-celery-transactions 0

Django transaction support for Celery tasks.

jakob-o/django-cms-named-menus 0

Create named menus in Django CMS like Wordpress

jakob-o/Django-facebook 0

Facebook open graph api implementation using the Django web framework in python

jakob-o/django-filer 0

File and Image Management Application for django

jakob-o/django-foreignkeysearch 0

ForeignKey search forms for the django admin

jakob-o/django-haystack 0

Modular search for Django