James Booth jabooth Co-founder of @menpo project.

jabooth/exactgeodesic 10

Danil Kirsanov's ExactGeodesic ( with tweaks for Linux compilation

homeaudio/airsonos 4

AirPlay to Sonos

homeaudio/nodetunes 2

AirTunes v2 Server implementation

jabooth/landmarker-old 2

WebGL based 3D annotation tool

homeaudio/nicercast 1

simple node.js icecast compliant streaming server

homeaudio/node-sonos 1

🎵 Sonos Media Player Interface/Client

jabooth/lsfm 1

Large Scale Facial Model (LSFM) - an automatic pipeline for constructing 3D Morphable Models from large collections of facial meshes

homeaudio/httplike 0

node.js library for parsing http-like protocols

jabooth/adwc 0

Compositing manager

jabooth/bib2json 0

Javascript Bibtex to JSON for nodejs and the browser

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3D Morphable Models

Hi, has the 3DMM from 3D Face Morphable Models "In-the-Wild" been implemented in Menpo3d yet? I couldn't find any documentation, nor could I find an implemented model in the codebase. Thanks.

<blockquote>I believe @jabooth is still working on releasing the publicly ready version of the code

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issue commentmenpo/menpo3d

3D Morphable Models

Hey @stephenhermes, sorry for the confusion, the code was released under a separate repository here: That repository is referenced from the journal paper, sorry it wasn't obvious how to find it from the CVPR paper.


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