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We would need a filter by date on wekan. I haven't seen such a feature on the latest version.

It could allow for example to view cards deplaced at a specific date, or to view created cards between two dates, etc.

This would be bring the possiblity to be able to review after a week for example what have been done for managers.

Is it something that would interest others ?

Thanks in advance.


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Filtering by due date etc dates is not implemented yet.

There is only filtering by Custom Fields (Text/Number/Date/DropDown List) so if you add some Date Custom Field to cards, then you can filter those, using Advanced Filter.

Thank a lot for you job. It is very important to have a native filter with due date I think. For example: I have about 10 project. I want to open wekan and show any 'red' due date tasks from any project.

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