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It would be awesome to be able to import CSV's into a Wekan board, as many other apps have the option of exporting task data into a spreadsheet format (including forms and Gmail-plugin-CRMs). (I'm trying to migrate off of Streak (which is buggy and hard to use) to tracking my tasks on Wekan.

I'm going to suggest a format that's optimized for a CRM-type task, but am open to other suggestions (esp. if this sounds crazy) for Mapping CSV to Kanban board.


  • Every row becomes one card (except the header row).
  • The first column is the name of the card.
  • The 2nd column has the "list" that the card should be in (e.g., the "stage" of the customer).
  • The titles of the lists are populated from the limited set of options in the 2nd column.
  • Data from all other columns are put into the Description of the card, separated by new lines.

Super fancy:

  • Show the user a list of header rows and let the user choose which column is the name of the card, which column is the list, and which columns to ignore completely

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From @steep-nb

Exporting Lists, Swimlanes, Boards or Cards to a pdf or Excel sheet would be perfect! We need a whole List in a sheet which we can show someone, who doesn't use wekan.

From @xet7

Related code is here:

  1. Old export to CSV PR
  2. Forked Wekan repo that seem to have Export to Excel, but it has some Chinese characters in code and . Could @gameendman contribute those changes to official Wekan, with Chinese converted to English? I have not checked what all that Excel related code does.
  3. From trapa, attached PHP code that converts Wekan Export JSON to CSV summary reports.

It would be nice if some Wekan contributor would spend time to clean up and combine code from these and send pull request to integrate these directly to Wekan.

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