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Moved to here from that already implements Due Date notifications for Wekan, and is already merged to Wekan master branch.

From @saschafoerster

@whowillcare @xet7 As I was just searching trough all requests just for this feature, maybe this is a helpful collection of open requests related to this pull:

I was searching for notifications, when dates, especially due dates, where changed. I would like to get this notifications via email, via system notifications (in the card) and via Webhooks of the board.

  • Feature Request : Send notifications of due dates to email, phone etc with selectable notifications to get and settings for it #2297
  • Feature Request: Changing the start & due dates it generates message to Outgoing Webhook #1564
  • Feature Request: Change Due Date and other dates on Multiselect #1410
  • Feature Request: Change key names of Outgoing Webhook #2135
  • Feature Request: Notification Digest Email #2472
  • Milestone 36: 2019-07-31 Teams
  • Milestone 34: 2019-09-30 Add/Remove/Bugs

These open requests are more specific about the email notifications, at some time before the due date, less about the changes of the due date:

Feature Request: Mails for Due Date (HB) Would be great, if reminders existed, general option: 1 day before, but also other options like with Trello.

  • Feature Request : Send notifications of due dates #2297
  • Feature Request: Send Wekan due notifications to Twilio #2559
  • [Feature] Notification Digest Email #2472
  • Default setting / deadlines notification #2216
  • Milestone 36: 2019-07-31 Teams

From @whowillcare

I was thinking about the customizable reminder when I was implementing due date reminder feature, however, it's little bit more complicated than what I have implemented. The trello reminder features are doable but will take later priority, when I have time.


Answer questions saschafoerster

I tested the new notifications with these settings in docker-compose.yml:

  • The card was due on Friday, 02.08.2019, 12:00 (Europe/Berlin)
  • Reminder Mail 1 arrives on Friday, 02.08.2019, 18:49 (Europe/Berlin). It was expected for Thursday, 01.08.2019, 16:00.
  • Remember Mail 2 arrives on Saturday, 03.08.2019, 18:49 (Europe/Berlin) It was expected for Friday, 01.08.2019, 12:00.

Maybe @whowillcare can explain a little more, how I can change the time-zone-settings (maybe by just calculating -2 or -1 to the times in the docker-compose.yml. And I am curious how the corncobs work. Is there a place or option to let them run more often? Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-04 um 18 38 26 Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-04 um 18 38 36 Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-04 um 18 38 41

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