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Server Setup Information: image

  • Deployment Method: Docker

Problem description: Hi ! First, thanks for your work on IFTTT rules feature :+1: . I've been waiting for this. I did some tests and it's gonna be useful for us. But some triggers/actions don't work as planned or don't work at all. I didn't test all combination yet but here are some cases.

I will update this issue every time I found another case. FIY, every time I test a trigger or an action I delete all the existing rules and test it with another combination to isolate the problem


Triggers :

  • [x] "When a checklist is completed" doesn't work
  • [x] "When a checklist is made incomplete" doesn't work
  • [x] "When the checklist [...] is completed/made incomplete" doesn't work
  • [ ] "When a card is removed from list [...]" doesn't work
  • [ ] "When a card is moved from list [...]" doesn't work

Actions :

  • [x] "Remove all members from the card" doesn't work
  • [ ] The "Set title/description of the card" feature as seen in the wiki page is missing
  • [ ] The "Add/remove attachment" feature as seen in the wiki page is missing (although I understand why)
  • [x] The "Send an email" feature doesn't work

Answer questions Veers01


I know that this thread has not been updated for sometime but I'm playing with rules and I get some weird behaviour.

Example: A rule that set the start date when it's move to a list (In progress). I create a new card in a another list and move it to In progress. The date is set. If I move the card back to another list, erase the start date (Like "I make a mistake") and move it back another time to "In progress", the rule dosen't work.

I have this rule working great in a previous version currently working in the board that I create before. As soon as I delete and recreate it, it dosen't work anymore.

And some time, it just dosen't work at all, the date was not set. This is not very consistent.

Any idea?

Thank you.

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