Ask questionsError installing vugugen

Describe the bug Running vgrun -install-tools reports "Error installing vugugen: ... working directory is not part of a module".

Software Versions Vugu version: ? Go version: 1.14 darwin/amd64 Browser and version: n/a

To Reproduce

go get -u
vgrun -install-tools

Expected behavior I expected the command to run successfully.

Additional Notes Instead it gave this output:

2020/06/10 16:34:20 Installing vugugen
2020/06/10 16:34:21 Error installing vugugen: exit status 1; full output:
can't load package: cannot find module providing package working directory is not part of a module

I was able to work around it by doing this:

cd /tmp
mkdir foo
cd foo
go mod init
vgrun -install-tools

That ran successfully.


Answer questions ijt

Hi Brad, that did the trick. I changed the value on my system. I'm thinking maybe it wasn't the best choice.

On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 10:33 PM Brad Peabody wrote:

Thanks, I see the issue. GO111MODULE is set to "on". I'm able to reproduce by toggling GO111MODULE from being unset vs "on" and it causes the error to not happen/happen.

Can you please re-test with GO111MODULE unset? For example:

GO111MODULE="" vgrun -install-tools

Did you change the value of GO111MODULE on your system or is this default? (It looks like you're using Homebrew's Go, perhaps it has different defaults?)

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