Ask questionsRFC: Make object schemas nonstrict by default

Zod's policy of disallowing any unknown keys by default is confusing and probably not worth it. It also makes the inferred types incorrect:

const A = z.object({
  a: z.string(),

const B = z.object({
  b: z.string(),

const AB = z.intersection(A, B);

type AB = z.infer<typeof Teacher>;
// { a: string; b: string };

The actual inferred type here should be never because no data will properly pass validation.

If anyone has a reason why object schemas should be strict by default, speak now!


Answer questions chrbala

If object schemas become nonstrict by default (which generally makes sense to me), how would parsing work? I see some advantages in being able to give an object with extra keys, then parsing removes them.

const Obj = z.object({
  key: z.string(),

Obj.parse({key: 'value', key2: 'value2'})  // could return { key: 'value' }

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