Ask questionsno override and no default toolchain set

I was attempting to update spotify-tui but this error popped up:

error: no override and no default toolchain set
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
Build failed with exit code 4 in /home/redacted/.cache/rua/build/spotify-tui

I've set the default toolchain to stable via rustup (rustup default stable) but the error persists. I'm assuming I need to give rua access to something?


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If you want to build fully isolated without assuming anything from HOME directory (e.g. existence of the toolchain), you can modify PKGBUILD to use code like that:

RUSTUP_TOOLCHAIN=stable cargo build --release ....

This is actually the preferred way to write AUR packages, because there are potentially many users who are not yet very familiar with Rust. They will have rustup installed, but not the stable toolchain, and thus nothing in their HOME yet.


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