Ask questions'DRM universal planes unsupported' ambiguous?

  • Sway Version:
    • sway -v sway version 1.5-2c769232 (Sep 2 2020, branch 'HEAD') wlroots version to current master.

command line: exec env XDG_RUNTIME=/home/user/.cache/sway XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/home/user/.cache/sway sway -dV > ~/.cache/sway/sway.log 2>&1

00:00:00.392 [INFO] [backend/drm/backend.c:138] Initializing DRM backend for /dev/dri/card1 (vgem) 00:00:00.393 [ERROR] [backend/drm/drm.c:51] DRM universal planes unsupported 00:00:00.393 [ERROR] [backend/backend.c:163] Failed to open DRM device 10 00:00:00.417 [sway/main.c:375] Starting sway version 1.5-2c769232 (Sep 2 2020, branch 'HEAD') 00:00:00.417 [sway/server.c:56] Initializing Wayland server 00:00:00.394 [DEBUG] [types/wlr_idle.c:247] idle manager created 00:00:00.394 [INFO] [backend/noop/backend.c:51] Creating noop backend

Here's: i965 graphical stack with intel drivers here.

ls /dev/dri/card* /dev/dri/card0 /dev/dri/card1

Single monitor connected as HDMI-0

There is no log output such as: Initializing DRM backend for /dev/dri/card0 (vgem)

So it sounds a little ambiguous if following 'DRM universal planes unsupported' refers to:

  • /dev/dri/card1 only (likely because there is no monitor connected there, so not graphic stack initiated)
  • or to both graphical stacks (which would require investigation as I expect it to be supported on HDMI-0)

Thks 4 ur attention, interest & support.


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Ah, vgem. You can ignore this error, vgem is a special virtual driver that only supports allocating buffers.

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