Ask questionsincorrect border statement in man 5 sway

  • Sway Version: 1.2 (Sep 26 2019, Arch Linux)

man 5 sway contains:

The following commands may only be used in the configuration file.

   border none|normal|csd|pixel [<n>]
      Set border style for focused window. normal includes a border of thickness n and a title
      bar. pixel is a border without title bar n pixels thick. Default is normal with border
      thickness 2. csd is short for client-side-decorations, which allows the client to draw
      its own decorations.

When applied in config after reload swaynag states:

`Error on line X (~/.config/sway/config) 'border pixel 2': Unknown/invalid command 'border'

MAN page should be updated to use default_border instead of border in config


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