Ask questionshide_edge_borders doesn't hide the title bar

  • Sway Version: 1.1-rc1-3-g9dca18b6
  • Configuration File:

Neither of these four hide the title bar of a fresh lone window on a fresh workspace:

hide_edge_borders both
hide_edge_borders smart
hide_edge_borders --i3 both
hide_edge_borders --i3 smart

It's my understanding that they should, even though the docs don't mention it explicitly. For example, this issue says "titlebar is hidden" in the first step of "Current behavior", and this PR says "title bar is hidden" too. What am I doing wrong? Does this work for others? Is this maybe a master issue?


Answer questions alecmev

Okay, thanks for the explanation, this makes sense.

To provide some context, I've been using default_border normal 0 for a long time, with a couple of for_window, and decided to see what it would feel like if all lone windows had no title bars. However, I'm now realizing that what I want is default_border none :slightly_smiling_face:

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