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OS: Void Linux x86-64 Musl (No Systemd) Sway Version: 1.0 Config: Stock

Step 1

sudo xbps-install sway
sudo chmod a+s /usr/bin/sway

This gave me an error saying XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set in the environment. Aborting.

So set the environment variable, then I got this

[backend/session/logind.c:511] User has no sessions
[backend/session/logind.c:559] Couldn't find an active session or a greeter session

At this point the system is unresponsive.

I've looked through your issues to try and find similar situations, they have helped me get where I am now but I'm not sure what to do now.

issue 3733 issue 3024

I have tried to run sway -d 2> ~/sway.log. The system becomes unresponsive so I'm not sure that this is a complete log.

2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:153] Linux Moonshot 4.19.31_1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Mar 24 19:15:14 UTC 2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:169] Contents of /etc/os-release: 
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:153] NAME="void"
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:153] ID="void"
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:153] DISTRIB_ID="void"
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:153] PRETTY_NAME="void"
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:141] LD_LIBRARY_PATH=(null)
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:141] LD_PRELOAD=(null)
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:141] Path=/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/main.c:141] SWAYSOCK=(null)
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [sway/server.c:39] Preparing Wayland server initialization
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [backend/session/logind.c:511] User has no sessions
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [backend/session/logind.c:559] Couldn't find an active session or a greeter session
2019-03-26 19:42:44 - [backend/session/direct.c:271] Successfully loaded direct session

Answer questions Wychmire

This issue is still showing up. The first time I try to run Sway it works, but after a reboot I encounter this issue. I'm on a fresh Arch Linux install using the integrated graphics of a Ryzen 3400g.

When I try to run sway I get

2019-10-25 10:18:02 - [backend/session/logind.c:73] Failed to take device '/dev/dri/card0': Operation not permitted
2019-10-25 10:18:02 - [backend/backend.c:339] Failed to open any DRM device
2019-10-25 10:18:02 - [sway/server.c:46] Unable to create backend

and if I run export WLR_DRM_DEVICES=/dev/dri/card0 and then try to run sway I get the the following:

2019-10-25 10:18:54 - [backend/session/session.c:271] Unable to open /dev/dri/card0 as DRM device
2019-10-25 10:18:54 - [backend/backend.c:339] Failed to open any DRM device
2019-10-25 10:18:54 - [sway/server.c:46] Unable to create backend
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