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I am using TypeScript and ThemeProvider for my components, and I had a couple of questions:

  1. First of all, my components are created using map, so I used to assign a key to each one, now I have put ThemeProvider to be the top parent component, and hence I need to set the key on that. I was just wondering does it hurt to do this? Or should I find a way to create a single ThemeProvider?

  2. Since I'm using TypeScript, it would be very nice if I could somehow make my props.theme property be strongly typed. Right now when I hover over props.theme, I see that the type is any. It would VERY nice if I could somehow define the type for the theme property while not changing the inferred type for props

Thank you, and the more I use this library, the more I find out how great it is!


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@kettanaito Thank you for the solution, however your claim that "name matters not" for styled-components.d.ts was misleading in my case. In my project, naming the file styled-components.d.ts was overwriting the entire module declaration. I have to name it styled.d.ts or put the declaration with my other global types inside index.d.ts

This behavior is in a fresh next.js typescript project with default configuration.

Otherwise, this works great, thank you!


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