Ask questionsAccentuated words seem not to be evaluated

I can see in vscode that many words with wrong accents are ignored (spanish dictionary)

You can see that

  • In 2 and 3 (no accents) it spots correctly the wrong words
  • But in 1 and 4 it ignores the wrongly accentuated words
  • While in 5 it correctly identifies the right accent
  • And in 6 it again ignores the wrong accents

It seems that when it is a word that has originally an accent it correctly spots the wrong accent But if the word is not originally accentuated, then it ignores any alternative option with any accent

Since accents are one of the major error sources out there, is there any hope that this will be fixed anytime soon?




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Thank you for the great example.

Thank you for this great add-on!


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