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Package Generation:

The build process must depend upon the type of resulting dictionary.

  • If it is a *.txt.gz file, then we want to build it each time.
  • If it is a *.trie.gz file, then we only want to build it by hand because it can take a very long time.
  • test script depends upon the type of source, for a hunspell file, we need to use the hunspell reader, for a text file, a standard head will work. Example Test Text
    "test": "head -n 100 \"go.txt\" | cspell -v -c ./cspell-ext.json --local=* --languageId=go stdin",
    Example Test Hunspell
    "test": "hunspell-reader words -n 1000 \"French.dic\" | cspell -v -c ./cspell-ext.json --local=fr --languageId=* stdin",

Building / testing:

  • The build process is broken for running in the package directory npm run build will fail from the package directory if cspell, cspell-tools, and hunspell-reader are not installed globally.


  • Documentation needs to be updated to reflect the new process.

Answer questions d2s

Yeah, noticed the same problem with missing cspell-tools when doing some improvements to the companies dictionary earlier today.

It might be a good early step to add pointer to this issue from the, together with a mention that cspell, cspell-tools, and hunspell-reader are required for building packages.


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