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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. I am doing visual regression testing with Storybook iframes. I have some docs pages that aren't specific for a single component, for example, I have an "icons" page that shows all the icons of the library in a grid. I would like to test all these icons but since they are on a docs page, I don't have the iframe available.

Describe the solution you'd like I would like to be able to create stories that are hidden on the sidebar but can still be accessible by the URL. Perhaps a per-story configuration.

Describe alternatives you've considered I can create a story just for the icons grid, but it is redundant and a bit out of place since I already have the icons doc page that has a lot more info

Are you able to assist bring the feature to reality? Yes, if the suggestion makes sense for the project, I can find some time to implement it


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If we can add more customization to a story's sidebar that'd be great:

  • Label Tags - for visual cues and to enhance search
  • Image - Imagine showing a thumbnail or preview of the story. Example
  • Ordering - I'd like to move some of my stories to the bottom of the sidebar (ex: 3rd party resources/links)
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