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Here we go ... Storybook 5.2 is stable and 5.3 is on its way!


  • 5.3.0-alpha.0 2019-09-16
  • 5.3.0-beta.0 2019-11-16 (est. 2019-11-11)
  • 5.3.0-rc.0 2019-12-19 (est. 2019-12-16)
  • 🏁 5.3.0 2020-01-11 (est. 2020-01-07)


Plus hundreds more changes of varying sizes and shapes, documented in the CHANGELOG

Help wanted

We need your help stabilizing Storybook 5.3 for the final release. It's in beta now because we think it's ready to use in most projects.

The biggest thing is to try upgrading your project to the latest prerelease, see if you run into problems, and file github isues. The sooner we uncover problems with the upgrade, the more time we have to fix and document them.

npx npm-check-updates '/storybook/' -un
npm install # yarn if you prefer

Take note of feature-specific migration instructions when you upgrade.

And of course, if you see any issues that you can help with, PRs are always welcome. Storybook wouldn't be possible without high-quality contributions from our wonderful community.

Thanks for your help and stay posted for more updates!


Answer questions shilman


cd my-project
npx -p @storybook/cli@next sb init 

To add docs, see the instructions:

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