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Steps to reproduce

See for example, but every single installation of storyshots (at least for React, haven't tested others) should reproduce without issue following the steps in the linked README.

To satisfy template:

  1. Install and setup storyshots
  2. Run jest
  3. See leakage either through Jest's builtin capabilities (logHeapUsage and detectLeaks) or using some OS tool to see memory usage.

Please specify which version of Storybook and optionally any affected addons that you're running

"@storybook/addon-storyshots": "^3.3.15",
"@storybook/react": "^3.3.15",

Affected platforms

  • Jest@22.4.3

Screenshots / Screencast / Code Snippets (Optional)


(A bonus would be to remove the info => Loading custom .babelrc text...)


Answer questions bastiRe

We had the same problem and fixed it for us by separating our storyshots by folder into different testsuites. We accomplished this by creating separate Storyshot files and using the storyKindRegex to only snapshot a specific subset of stories in each file.


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