Ask questionsProblem with the STS/eclipse initializr for custom project types


I have customized the initializer with new project types. When initializing a new project on IntelliJ those new types are available but they do not show up in the STS/eclipse project creation popup.

The custom SpringInitializr code is available here

Import the project, start it and from the IDE when trying to initialize a new Spring project select http://localhost:8080 as server URL.

have you already tried to define a new project type and create such a project within STS/eclipse?

Thx for your answer


edit: addition of the GitHub repository with source code with custom project type Mgu


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If the project you are generating is a maven project anyways, then why is it a new 'type'? I guess I don't really understand what you mean by type if it isn't to distinguish between maven and gradle.

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