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WildWebDeveloper is in a fast development phase. STS 4.8.1 ships 0.10.2 while last stable release is 0.11.3, but it's not possible to update it adding new software source.


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With regards to the incompatible POM editor, you can uninstall that feature via "About -> Installation Details", then select that feature from the list and uninstall it. After a restart, you should be able to install the snapshot from WWD again - at least it worked while doing some quick testing here.

With regards to the latest error message, I unfortunately haven't seen that before. Are there any more details (from the More... link? Or a stack trace in the Error Log view maybe?

You could also try to install STS4 from the tar.gz, maybe there is a permission issue with the location you installed STS4 into.

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