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WildWebDeveloper is in a fast development phase. STS 4.8.1 ships 0.10.2 while last stable release is 0.11.3, but it's not possible to update it adding new software source.


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I tried a fresh STS 4.8.1 and added this update site to the preferences:

Followed by a "Check for Updates". This results in an update dialog showing up with an available update of the Wild Web Developer feature in version 0.10.4, which is the latest one showing up on that mentioned update site.

This update site from WWD:

shows the same version of the main WWD feature, so I think the above mentioned update site points indeed to the latest WWD release. When I continue with the "Check for Updates" dialog, the update installs fine, I can restart the IDE and the new version of WWD is installed just fine.

So to me it looks like I can update an STS 4.8.1 install to the latest WWD release, but maybe something is different on your end that causes this update to fail. Following the steps that I described, do you see an error message when trying to install the update? Or is there no update showing up at all when doing a "Check for Updates"? If that is the case, please double check the version of the installed main WWD feature via the About dialog and the installation details to see if this is indeed still 0.10.2 or maybe already updated to 0.10.4. And if an error message shows up, please attach it here so that we can take a deeper look.

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