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First highlighted in the facebook group:

name value
ct_svg_sets 3832156
oxygen_vsb_google_fonts_cache 105620
ct_components_classes 71856
ba1f1516b00620c8623a210b3b31e0ce 40383
8a78337039f1394407a7861036cb4b43 39947
-- --

What are the use cases for this feature? Consider improve the Oxygen database engine by optimising size and settings for auto_load.

Generally you only want to make an index if the number of autoload = no options greatly outweigh the autoload = yes options.

As a rule of thumb if 60-80% of the option_name keys are autoload = no values then an index is a good idea.

In my case using oxygen: 61.7% Usually are between 20-40% on non Oxygen builder websites.

I highly recommend Oxygen users to utilise Redis object cache and if you feel comfortable adding a MySQL index do so, until this is solved and optimised. But even then WP Admin and post edit feels slow when using ACF PRO (loading local json no DB) and Oxygens ACF integration which has some php notices which may affect performance.

The wp_options table can be very bloated due to all the settings placed there by themes and plugins. I clean up WordPress options tables quite often for my clients on Codeable to help speed up the wp-admin dashboard area. If you use a plugin that stores a lot of transient or session data in the options table then there are two ways to speed this up: using object cache and adding a MySQL index. The object cache solution will put your options table in a daemon like Redis or Memcached so the values can be fetched from RAM. The other solution is adding an index to the wp_options table so that finding the relevant options takes less time (a MySQL index is similar to an index in a large book).


Other relevant performance tickets: #755 #18 #761


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I'm disappointed that this issue is still unresolved after the better part of a year. The autoload size of ct_svg_sets is outrageous. It single-handedly causes a total autoload of 10MB or more for Oxygen sites that have a bunch of icon sets added.

I really, really hope this issue has been neglected because of a major overhaul to the entire builder that is launching sooner rather than later, perhaps as Oxygen 4.0. General builder load times are abysmal and the entire WP admin area feels very slow with Oxygen installed.

(I love Oxygen, but these really need to be sorted)

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