Ask questionsEnabling video on caller does not enable speakerphone, accepting video call does

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Bug description

On initiating a video call and local video (without any attached audio device like headset) the external speaker / speakerphone is not automatically enabled. I'm pretty sure that this was the behavior a few versions age.

More confusing: On receiving a video call and enabling local video, speakerphone is automatically enabled.

I do not anticipate a rationale to not enable speakerphone on enabling camera, except with attached headphones/external audio device.

Steps to reproduce

  • Select contact
  • trigger video call by enabling local video
  • after successful connection: No audio.

On receiver side

  • accept an incoming video call
  • enable local video
  • speakerphone is immediately enabled, too

Expected result: If no external audio headset is attached, enabling video should always enable speakerphone.

Device info

Device: OnePlus 3 T Android version: 9 / LineageOS 16.0 Signal version: 4.56.4


Answer questions bentolor

Can confirm @Sgn-32 : This issue seems to be solved in the new UI!


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