Ask questionsmake `pub type foo = bar` and `pub use bar as foo` interchangable in next edition

Right now renaming a type and re-exporting it via a type alias can be a breaking change whereas re exporting it under the new name is not a breaking change. As far as I know the only difference between the two is how they interact with tuple-struct constructors:

pub struct MyStruct(u32);

pub use self::MyStruct as PubUse;
pub type PubType = MyStruct;

fn main() {
    let _ = PubUse(5); // OK
    // let _ = PubType(5); // Doesn't work

This happens because tuple struct constructors are just free functions with the same ident as the type they're constructing. use statements bring in items from all 3 namespaces that match the given ident but type items only alias the type itself.

This can be fixed by making it so that the compiler generates a constructor for the alias when it sees that the RHS of the type alias is a tuple-struct. This would be a breaking change because users can already define a free function with the same name as the type alias, which people do currently do to add the necessary constructor to work around this very issue.

To resolve this @joshtriplett has recommended the following steps:

  • [ ] implement the alias constructor fix as a feature gated PR
  • [ ] add an allow by default lint to detect free functions that would conflict with the newly generated constructors
    • [ ] do a crater run with the above lint set to deny to measure the impact of this change
    • [ ] add this lint to the future-compatibility lint group

Answer questions scottmcm

It it possible there's anyone relying on this for the opposite, exporting a type while intentionally not exporting the constructor? (And not providing a function of the same name.)

I guess it doesn't hide PubType { 0: 5 }, though...


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