Ask questionsSpurious NaNs produced by trig functions with valid inputs on Windows GNU toolchains

I'm unsure what the root cause of this is, and have been unable to reproduce it in a minimal project for many months, but every so often trig functions such as sin/cos/sin_cos will produce NaN values on perfectly valid inputs, only when using the Windows GNU toolchains.

In a project I have these lines:

let (sin_phi, cos_phi) = phi.sin_cos();

assert!(!sin_phi.is_nan(), "SIN {} {}", sin_phi, phi);
assert!(!cos_phi.is_nan(), "COS {} {}", cos_phi, phi);

which panics with this message:

thread 'main' panicked at 'SIN NaN -0.044661168'

on nightly-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu (1.40.0-nightly (3a9abe3f0 2019-10-15))

The program is complex but deterministic, and produces no such issues on the Windows MSVC toolchains.

This occurs with no RUSTFLAGS, and with the Cargo.toml config of:

debug = true
opt-level = 3
incremental = false
debug-assertions = true
codegen-units = 32

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