Ask questionsredundant-clone false-positive for structopt attrs

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#[derive(StructOpt, Debug)]
struct ExecOpt {
        short = "x",
        long = "expose",
        parse(try_from_str = parse_path_exposition_item)
    exposed_paths: Vec<minion::PathExpositionOptions>,

Clippy gives error:

error: redundant clone
  --> src/minion-cli/src/
93 |         parse(try_from_str = parse_path_exposition_item)
   |                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   = note: `-D clippy::redundant-clone` implied by `-D clippy::all`
   = help: for further information visit

Upd: clippy 0.0.212 (5cb9833 2019-10-08) rustc 1.40.0-nightly (c27f7568b 2019-10-13)


Answer questions sinkuu

There would be actually a redundant .to_string() if your try_from_str function returns Result<_, String>. Anyway, try upgrading structopt to 0.3.3, as they have added #[allow(clippy)] to the generated code.

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