Ask questionsPin<&mut self> triggers "wrong_self_convention"

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Clippy doesn't like it when we use Pin over the Self type:


pub fn as_mut(self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> Option<&mut Fut::Output>;


error: methods called `as_*` usually take self by reference or self by mutable reference; consider choosing a less ambiguous name

  --> src/


36 |     pub fn as_mut(self: Pin<&mut Self>) -> Option<&mut Fut::Output> {

   |                   ^^^^


   = note: `-D clippy::wrong-self-convention` implied by `-D clippy`

   = help: for further information visit

This seems like it might be related to and Though it's also possible this may be working exactly as intended, but I'm not sure.


Answer questions mikerite

The lint should probably be changed.

Example from the standard library using similar naming/signature:

This is related to issue #4293.

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