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cargo clippy --all -- -D clippy::pedantic -D warnings is ok

running cargo +nightly clippy --all -- -D clippy::pedantic -D warnings produces:

error: integer type suffix should be separated by an underscore
  --> jason/src/api/
28 | #[wasm_bindgen]
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ help: add an underscore: `#[wasm_bindg_u32`
   = note: `-D clippy::unseparated-literal-suffix` implied by `-D clippy::pedantic`
   = help: for further information visit
cargo clippy -V 
clippy 0.0.212 (e3cb40e 2019-06-25)
cargo +nightly clippy -V
clippy 0.0.212 (aeadf15 2019-09-03)



Answer questions lzutao

I added it back in #4510. But unfortunately, proc-macro is out of my league. It would be nice if someone could add a regression test for this.

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