Ask questionsMotion controls stopped working after Android System WebView 76 update

Fun fact: Yoke was created as no phone-as-PC-gamepad app on the Play Store used to capture device movement.

onDeviceOrientation events are never fired now


If you are affected by this, please try downgrading ASW for now and describe your results here.

From Chrome DevTools (remote device inspection over ADB):

[Deprecation] The devicemotion event is deprecated on insecure origins and will be removed in M76, around July 2019. Event handlers can still be registered but are no longer invoked since M74, around April 2019. See for more details.

Suggestion from Google ~announcement~ "deprecation proposal":

On a local network, you can test on your Android device using port forwarding to access a remote host as localhost.

... which sucks as phone would usually need to be connected over USB (ADB over Wifi is disabled by most vendor overlays).

Perhaps we could add a proxy server hosted on the phone (since localhost is a secure origin) but this seems like a lot of work. It would be a easier to download the files to the phone (I hope file:// is a secure origin, but am I right?).

Apparently we cannot unconditionally accept unsigned certs, even for LAN, since 2016, if we want the app to be on the Play Store (and, AFAIK, as it's usually the case with Google, there is no appeal process where we could explain it's LAN connection). Maybe we could add "certificate error" dialog that users would need to click through every time they open the app, just to satisfy Play Store algorithms.

Another option is to once again fetch orientation events in Java code and everything else in JS, but I'd like to avoid that.

Personally, I'd go for downloading files to phone storage, but I'd like to hear your opinions.


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