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Hi, it seems that line wrap is not working when using Windows Terminal (wt) instead of the default terminal emulator used by pwsh.exe/cmd.exe.


I also did a quick check of running radian within wt inside WSL2-Ubuntu-bash instead of pwsh and suprisingly there it worked:


So my feeling is, that is has to do with some environment variables that need to be set or some special workarounds that radian does when running on windows, which aren't required for wt. (I tested all options that can be set through .radian_profile, e.g. radian.auto_width without success).

Used versions checks on windows:

  • Windows Terminal Preview Version: 1.9.1523.0
  • Radian: 0.5.11
  • Python: 3.8.8
  • R: 4.0.5

Used versions for check on WSL2:

  • Radian: 0.5.11
  • Python: 3.8.5
  • R: 3.6.3

Any advice on how to fix/debug this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for the hint. I checked which version of prompt toolkit I have installed and it's actually 3.0.18, but I think you're right anyways.

I tried to step through the code to find out where the line gets cut off and it seems to happen in line 171-172 of (in the output.write_raw(buf); output.flush() part.


As a workaround I replaced the output.write_raw(buf); output.flush() with sys.stdout.write(buf); sys.stdout.flush() and it seems to work for now 🥳

radian_workaround radian_fixed


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