Ask questionsRacket 8.0.900 BC is installing the directory "collects" to the wrong prefix

I'm updating the OpenBSD port to the version 8.1 (working with 8.0.900 until you release the new stable version). I'm testing the port on OpenBSD Sparc64 with the BC variant. The same process worked fine with 8.0 on the same machine, however the version 8.0.900 is installing the collections to the wrong prefix:

With 8.0.900:

With 8.0:

I don't know if the same problem happens with CS because this machine can't run the Chez version. I'm using the minimal tarball.

These are the configure args:


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Thanks for the quick reply!. I was worried because there was a hardcoded /usr/local in the middle of the paths.

Looks like racket is passing the usual tests, so I will keep the new default.


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