Ask questionsa retrained and saved jit module could not be reload.

I'm try to retain a JIT module from pytorch using c++ based on Libtorch libtorch-win-shared-with-deps-1.3.0 _cpu, and save retrained module for next usage. the save and reload process will be like the following , but get erro while try reload.

		torch::serialize::OutputArchive output_archive;
		auto presavedModule = torch::jit::load("D:/localshare/data/model/");"D:/localshare/data/model/");
		auto savedModule = torch::jit::load("D:/localshare/data/model/");
		savedModule.dump(true, true, true);

reported error:

expected newline but found 'number' here:
at code/__torch__/
import __torch__.modelv2.features.16.conv.1
import __torch__.modelv2.features.17
import __torch__.modelv2.features.17.conv
import __torch__.modelv2.features.17.conv.0
import __torch__.modelv2.features.17.conv.1
import __torch__.modelv2.features.18
class features(Module):
  __parameters__ = []
  __annotations__ = []
  __annotations__["0"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.0
                                                   ~~ <--- HERE
  __annotations__["1"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.1
  __annotations__["2"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.2
  __annotations__["3"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.3
  __annotations__["4"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.4
  __annotations__["5"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.5
  __annotations__["6"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.6
  __annotations__["7"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.7
  __annotations__["8"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.8
  __annotations__["9"] = __torch__.modelv2.features.9
Compiled from code
Type class std::runtime_error

Is there any sugesstion:

cc @ezyang @gchanan @zou3519 @jerryzh168 @suo


Answer questions driazati

Are you able to share the you are using to get this error?


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