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Any examples to quantise object detection models ?

I get the following error when I follow the quantization tutorial for a Faster-RCNN model.

RuntimeError: Didn't find kernel to dispatch to for operator 'quantized::conv2d'. Tried to look up kernel for dispatch key 'CPUTensorId'. Registered dispatch keys are: [QuantizedCPUTensorId] (lookup_ at /pytorch/aten/src/ATen/core/dispatch/DispatchTable.h:249)

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Answer questions vikashranjan

I used the following to quantise input tensor

scale, zero_point, dtype = 1.0, 2, torch.qint8
quantize_tensor = torch.nn.quantized.Quantize(scale, zero_point, dtype)

I now get the following error.

RuntimeError: No function is registered for schema aten::empty.memory_format(int[] size, *, ScalarType? dtype=None, Layout? layout=None, Device? device=None, bool? pin_memory=None, MemoryFormat? memory_format=None) -> Tensor on tensor type QuantizedCPUTensorId; available functions are CPUTensorId, CUDATensorId, MkldnnCPUTensorId, SparseCPUTensorId, SparseCUDATensorId, VariableTensorId

It will be helpful if there is any sample code to apply quantisation to TORCHVISION object detection models.


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