Ask questionsConfusing dialog when trying to enable soluble interfaces with support_material_contact_distance > 0.



Operating system type + version

GNU/Linux Debian 9

3D printer brand / version + firmware version (if known)

Original Prusa i3 MK3s Multi Material 2S


PrusaSlicer gives a bit subversive message when trying to enable soluble supports: 2019-09-08_13-04_prusa_soluble

The Wipe Tower currently supports the non-soluble supports only
if they are printed with the current extruder without triggering a tool change
(both support_material_extruder and support_material_interface_extruder need to be set to 0).
Shall I adjust those settings in order to enable the Wipe Tower?

With a bit of spelunking around in the code, it seems that wipe tower is supported, but to use it, one has to set "support_material_contact_distance" to 0 : image

Project File (.3MF) where problem occurs

This is not about a project, but print settings present, so no project included

I propose the text to be changed to include the information about the support_material_contact_distance.


Answer questions vertigo235

There is something that prevents usage of the wipe tower unless you choose 0 distance that I do not understand?

To clarify, the use case.

I would like to use breakway support material as a support interface (like polysupport or inego 3d450), but I would like to have 0.05 z seperation (not 0), and I would also like to have a purge tower as well as regular PLA as the support structure.

This doesn't appear possible with this constraint, you would have to choose to have 0 seperation if you want to use purge tower / block. What is the reason for this constraint, why are they mutually exclusive?


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