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When I using support via to slic3r, strange thing was appear. If I set the z contact distance to 0.2mm Then I get the actual z distance between last support interface and product bridge to 0.6mm. I find a mechanism this problem. If I pick the nozzle size to 0.4mm and line width 0.4mm Then I can get the real z - contact distance = setting value + nozzle size. So I can reach the minimum real contact z distance near to nozzle size value when I set the z contact distance value to near to 0 Thus, When I use the 0.4 mm nozzle, I can reach closest contact distance approximately 0.4mm.

Below is my wanted. I want to set actual contact z distance to 0.2mm. But I can't reach this value. So I think this problem caused unflexibility to set the contact z distance.

I think this setting mechanism will be changed. Also this problem caused bad quality support contact interface area.

Is this a new feature request?

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For liftbag. I already tried that method. I hope also try to that way. Maby result will be amazing! -0.2 is apply exactly, the way that, insert the support to the product portion.


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