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I'm fighting with some strange seam issues. Every time a seam is placed on a non flat non straight surface , some blobs and holes are left on the surface.

The attached photo are showting two prints, with the same exact settings (just printed the cylinder first, then removed the part from the plate, added the cube, sliced and printed, nothing more). The cylinder has a very rough surface, with some holes (like underextrusion, but i'm not underextruding) and full of blobs, exactly where the seam is supposed to be (in a cylinder, there isn't any corner to hide it). The cube is almost perfect, the seam is hidden in the corner and the surface is flat.

I've also attached some thin wall test, printed in vase mode, with no seam, the are al perfect, surface smooth, flat, no blobs, zists or similiar.


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Any advice on this ?

The only good seams are random or rear. Random is adding tons of blobs (as it should be) but very very small. Rear add a perfect seam on the rear. The other two are making the whole surface very bad, huge blobs like a lot of overextrusion.


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