Ask questionsFeature request: Configure wipe to infill/object settings on individual parts

There are cases where it would be nice to be able to configure wipe to infill and wipe to object on individual object parts instead of the whole object:

  • Wipe to object on parts that are for support only (e.g. Meshmixer tree supports) or internal geometry which isn't visible on the final object would avoid a lot of unnecessary filament changes when the selected filament wouldn't be needed on that layer

  • Wipe to infill could be disabled on parts with a light colored or translucent perimeter, so that the infill wipe doesn't show through; and then enabled on parts with a dark colored perimeter since lighter infill won't show through


Answer questions bubnikv

You have to open a pop-up menu over the object in the object list and select the "Extruders" item.

čt 30. 5. 2019 v 12:59 odesílatel lukasmatena napsal:

As far as we know, it does. If you think otherwise, you have to be more specific than this.

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