Ask questionsSome objects are too tall and cannot be printed without extruder collisions



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Windows 10 1803


Sequential printing fails to slice in situations where I would expect it to slice. It's not clear what conditions are triggering the "extruder collisions".

I've been playing with sequential printing, and I'm not understanding the limitations. As a simplification, I'm trying to print items that look like this:


Intuitively, this seems extremely printable - there's ample space around both individual objects in all dimensions. Neither shifting the cylinders around on the plate, nor changing the extruder clearance seems to make the objects printable. I've attached two cylinders that show an example of the issue, but they're just plain cylinders - it seems to happen with many different shapes and configurations. In fact, 2 25mm cylinders exhibit the same lack of sliceability, so it doesn't appear to be because of the height difference.

Is there a limitation that is not immediately obvious to me that I'm running into? Or perhaps the collision algorithm is just in the early stages?

STL/Config (.ZIP) where problem occurs


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So they have to be the exact same height?

? no. Say you have 5 objects. Max height for object 1 to 4 could be anything up to the setting for extruder clearance height. Object 5 could be as tall as it wants to be (as long as it fits within the printer's build volume)

However, Slic3r/PrusaSlicer pointlessly enforces the max height for object 5 to also be below extruder clearance height.


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