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Expected Behavior

It would be cool if profanity had a setting to only count messages as new and notify the user if he or she was mentioned in this message. Ideally I would like to be able to set this per MUC like other XMPP clients can do. <!--- If you're describing a bug, tell us what should happen --> <!--- If you're suggesting a change/improvement, tell us how it should work -->

Current Behavior

Currently you can either decide between all messages, first message and no message for notifications in win 1 via /console muc [all,first,none] but there is no option to select "only on mention" and even if I choose none the window title of my terminal emulator still says Profanity (1) although this message is in a muc. <!--- If describing a bug, tell us what happens instead of the expected behavior --> <!--- If suggesting a change/improvement, explain the difference from current behavior -->

Possible Solution

I'm thinking about two possible solutions:

  1. Have a /console muc mention option, but this will not fix the notification count in the windows title
  2. Have a /mute [on,mention,off] option or so to mute all notifications for a specific muc or only get notifications on mentions

<!--- Not obligatory, but suggest a fix/reason for the bug, --> <!--- or ideas how to implement the addition or change -->


I'm in a MUC where sometimes hundreds of messages are sent during one hour or so. In conversations (and Dino at least) I could set this MUC to "Only notify on mention" and so I'll just get notifications if it's really important. My current workaround is to leave the MUC via /close or as @jubalh pointed out let Profanity ignore the bookmark via /bookmark ignore <!--- How has this issue affected you? What are you trying to accomplish? -->


Profanity version: 0.9.2 Distro: Arch Linux


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/notify room mention on ?

According to this is only for Desktop notifications...


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