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Hello, Sorry bothering you by a question like that.

I was reading the code to understand how it works and uniq -3 -D is confusing because I not know this syntax. I read the manual and I can only guess -3 is related to the inputs with sort but I really not understand where it's written and how it works. Are there some docs about it or maybe a proper name how it is called so that I can look it up further?

Thanks for your help and for fslint because it helped me good for cleaning few of my hard drives. Cheers.


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fslint is old software now and was written to be compatible with older implementations of uniq. uniq -3 is equivalent to uniq -f 3 or uniq --skip-fields=3.

man pages generally don't document every detail, like deprecated syntax like that. man pages now do have a link at the end to the full documentation, which does in this case detail this case.

I.e. the following link details this nuance:

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