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This plugin allows you to precisely place blocks in the free mode. It can move and rotate the block pixel perfect in every direction via the global coordinate system or a local one that is rotated with the block.

Did you provide a perms meta value or a #perms preprocessor option?


Did you use

Yes. To check if the player can create/edit a map.

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Off topic question: Where is the best to file bug reports with AngelScript in Openplanet? On your discord server? I'm asking because the Math::Angle(vec3, vec3) function is returning a wrong result.


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Sorry this took a while! Looks good! 👍

To answer your question, yeah Discord is probably the best place. Thanks for the report though, I'll have to check it out! I tried matching the Maniascript implementation of those vector functions, but I guess I made some mistakes. 😅


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