Ask questionsWebGLPointsLayer setSource does not work

Describe the bug I update a layer of 10 000 points by creating a new VectorSource because I have historically found it's cheaper than clearing and re-populating the existing source. This does not work with my experimental use of WebGLPointsLayer.

This does not work.


This does work.


To Reproduce I am happy to put a reproducible example together shortly, but I was hoping to get some initial feedback to decide if I even bother. I know that WebGLPointsLayer is quite experimental, so if the short answer is, "yeah don't expect that to work yet." then I won't bother and we can close this ticket.

But if the answer is, "that should work" I would be happy to put an example together.

Pretty excited to keep experimenting with WebGLPointsLayer because as my company's use case expands to hundreds of real-time robots per site and thousands upon thousands of geometries, the frame rate obtained through the canvas layers has fallen dramatically.


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Thanks for the response. I'm going to profile the cost clear + addFeatures and maybe I'll have a case to use work hours to implement setSource.


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