Ask questions[Xcode 11] 'Multiple commands produce' error when building with new Xcode build system

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MacOS 10.14.6 RN 0.60.5 Latest RNVI Building on iOS

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On Xcode before upgrade 11, things work correctly and font assets copy without fatal error.

After Xcode 11 stable released and upgraded, it required fonts removal under [CP] Copy Pods Resources in Build Phases. Subsequent pod update brings them back, needing manual removal again.

Not sure if this is fixable only with special treatment on Xcode >= 11?


Answer questions awgeorge

Is there anyway to disable this feature? We're still on .59 and the linking happens in our build process. We don't have our workspace committed, the pipeline literally does a pod install and react native link every time. Now our builds fail as its duplicating these fonts.


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